Materials for Modern Tibetan Studies


  • What's on this site

    The materials on this website consist mainly of primary texts chosen to provide snapshots of history, culture and society on the Tibetan Plateau over the last half-century or so. Some are intended for people with a general interest in the region and its culture, while others will be useful for scholars and students carrying out detailed research into these areas. The materials are divided into three main categories: Literature, Films & Television, and Historical Documents. If you have suggestions for other translations that we could add, please send them to us!
  • Origin of Documents

    The documents and images come from the regions traditionally inhabited by Tibetans that are now within China. Roughly equivalent to the Tibetan Plateau, these include the Tibet Autonomous Region (the TAR) in the west and, in the east, the Tibetan areas often referred to by Tibetans as Kham and Amdo (which are now administered by the provincial governments of Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan). Most of the materials have been copied from private collections or libraries, or have been found online.
  • Online Resources

    These online resources are designed to give you access to primary materials, so you can see for yourself examples of texts and images as they were produced at the time, with relatively little commentary or interpretation. Some of these are very rare, or have not yet been described in existing articles or books by historians and other writers. Other areas of the website give summaries, glossaries, or links to secondary articles.
  • Contact Us

    If you need more information about an item, you can write to us at moderntibet@gmail.com. This project is part of the Modern Tibet Studies Program at Columbia, a project of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute.