Literary Criticism

All of the translators whose work we feature have written exemplary essays and scholarly articles that we could choose to reproduce here. These two pieces are chosen for their variety of literary works they discuss, and their influence in the academic and artistic realm of Tibetan studies.

The Waterfall and Fragrant Flowers: The Development of Tibetan Literature Since 1950

by Tsering Shakya. This essay originally appeared in Song of the Snow Lion: New Writing from Tibet,¬†a special issue of the University of Hawaii’s journal¬†Manoa, volume 12 number 2, in late 2000. The issue was edited by Shakya, as well as by Herbert Batt and Frank Stewart. Modern Tibetan litera

The Heartbeat of a New Generation: A Discussion of the New Poetry

by Pema Bhum, translated from the Tibetan by Ronald Schwartz. This translation originally appeared in the special literature-focused May 1999 issue of Lungta, a journal of Tibetan history and culture published by the Amnye Machen Institute in Dharamsala. 1 In relation to what comes earlier, we gener