Ju Kalsang

Ju Kalsang or Ju Kalzang, འཇུ་སྐལ་བཟང།, is one of the most widely acclaimed Tibetan poets today. After earning a master’s degree in 1987 at Qinghai Nationalities College, he returned to his native home in the nomadic area of Golok, in Qinghai Province, where he now serves as director of the Nationalities Section of the Golok Prefecture Translation Affairs Bureau. “Tibet, Mother, Mani” (bod ama mani) appears in his collection Gangs-‘dabs-kyi sems-pa, published in Xining in 1994; “The World Seen from Another Angle,” (gru-ga gzhan zhig nas mthong-ba’i ‘jig-rten) was originally published in Light Rain (sbrang char) in 1990 under the name Tig Ta (the pseudonym alludes to a bitter Tibetan medicine).