Tibetan Paintings from Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan

Introduction: Booklet for an exhibition held from the 16th-22nd of April, 1976 in Chengdu at the Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition Center to be held for specified prefectural and provincial government departments and committees, with organizing Garzê work units listed presenting a series of 84 Paintings from multiple artists from the Tibetan autonomous prefecture of Garzê in western Sichuan depicting scenes of daily life as well as those of great cultural or religious significance to the Tibetan people.

Represents a progression in policy toward allowing the use of nationality characteristics such as tibetan garb and features and towards the decision to incorporate traditional Tibetan style and religion in artwork – clearly a legacy of Soviet influence from the decades prior to the drafting of this booklet.

Garzê Tibetan Paintings  | image0008.jpg  | 藏戏壁画《卓瓦桑姆》第一幅

Tibetan Opera Mural “Woman of Good Actions” Painting #1 of 3 by Renzhen Langjia

The Return of Iridescent Clouds by Chen Bingxi  | Garzê Tibetan Paintings  | image0011.jpg | 彩雲归-陈秉玺

The Return of Iridescent Clouds by Chen Bingxi


Early Spring by Xiangqiu Zhima  | imag0021.jpg  | 初春 - 翔秋志玛

Early Spring by Xiangqiu Zhima

(One of) The Eight Transformations of Padmasambhava by Zhima Xiangqiu

Auspicious Grace by Yixi Gesang

Stone Spirit by Yixi Gesang

To Protect by Yiren Yixi

Chasing the Sun by Yiren Yixi