Document Discussing Minzu Policies During the War of Resistance Against Japan (Second Sino-Japanese War)

This document written by a member of the Sichuan Province Minzu Research Institute, who was also a professor of the Sichuan United University, (present day Sichuan University, 四川大学/四川大學)  systematically discusses the domestic importance of the minzu issue and the minzu groups themselves with relation to the War of Resistance Against Japan, 中国抗日战争/中國抗日戰爭, typically referred to as the Second Sino-Japanese War in English. This document accomplishes this by specifically addressing the role of each minzu in the effort, while not an exhaustive list, it does discuss some of the smaller minzu groups in addition to the larger ones.


Page One: Section One: On “The gravity of the minzu problem for the Chinese on the eve of the War of Resistance Against Japan.”


Page Three: Section Two: On “The fundamental contents of the party’s policy to rally and resist Japan.”

Page Six: Section 3: On “The fundamental contents of the party’s policy to rally and resist Japan.”

Page Seven: In the context of a committee meeting held in Yan’an on October 25th 1941, this section continues by elaborating upon the issue of domestic ethnicity by detailing the starting point of formal research into the issue of ethnicity within China, a group of cadres that would come to adopt Marxist-Leninist worldview for the development of this very issue, the pragmatic relevance of said issue with relation to the Mongolian and Hui minorities due to their sizable presence in the regions where there were communist Chinese bases behind enemy lines in the borderlands regions, central China, and Shandong Province and here, specifically as relates to the Shan-Gan-Ning borderlands region, 陕甘宁边区, in which Yan’an served as the regional capital during this period.

Page Ten: Section Four: On “The minzu policies to rally and resist Japan vigorously promoting each ethnic group’s war of resistance against Japan.”


Page Eleven: Continues to systematically summarize the involvement of individual minzu groups’ involvement in the resistance efforts against Japan. Includes, in order, summaries of the Manchu, Mongol, Hui, Korean, Li, Miao, Zhuang, Dai, Wa, Jingpo, and Tibetan combined namely with the Uighur, Tujia, Dong, Bai, Yi, and Qiang, as well as all other minzu groups into the minzu of the rear area, 大后方各少数民族/大後方各少數民族, which was the area under the rule of the Kuomintang, 国民党/國民黨, (KMT) during the War of Resistance Against Japanese.

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