Propaganda booklet: Slavery is never to be practiced again in Liangshan, Sichuan Minzu Press

This booklet denounces the system of slavery inherent in traditional Yi society that the Chinese Communist Party broke up and aims to never let be revived. Language in this piece is characteristic of the Cultural Revolution period, with quotations from Lenin, Stalin and Mao, as well as direct references made to the “Criticize Lin, Criticize Confucius” Movement found throughout. This document is very similar to what has been produced with the aim of denouncing the Tibetan minority’s previous society, specifically the slavery and domination of the other classes by the slave masters. As with the Tibetan case, the society structure is described in documents of this type, as well as the cruel methods used to manipulate, control, and torture the lower members of society. The methods used to utilize the bodies of the lower members of society are also explained in some detail. It is important to note that the structure of the society and the class relations are also explained in significant enough detail that the explanations prove to undermine a depiction of the previous society’s system of slavery as purely evil.

Caption: “Never again will slavery be allowed to be practiced in Liangshan”

The great leader Chairman Mao personally sets into motion and leads the Criticize Lin, Criticize Confucius Campaign

Above: This preface provides us context by explaining how the “Criticize Lin, Criticize Confucius” campaign, which took place during the Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution, was set in motion by the great leader Chairman Mao and was, at the time, expanding and developing.

Heading: “A bloody and cruel system of slavery, a valiant struggle of the people”

Heading: “The Class Relationships Under the Slavery System”

Black Yi: The black Yi occupied approximately 7 percent of the entire population of the society, they possess hereditary status as nobility, in the realm of politics and economics they possess unsurpassed privilege, they possess the majority of the slaves and means of production and living.

Qunuo: known as the white Yi, they own the minoriy of the means for production and living, they possess an independent economic lifesytle.

Ajia: The children of married couples, their social positions are lower than Qunuo…

Xiaxi: Their families are slaves, they occupy the lowest social strata…

weapons and armor used by slave masters to suppress slaves and enemies.

An example of work life for slaves before the People’s Liberation Army liberated the slaves, incorporating them into the proletariat.

Heading: “The Persecution of Savages”*