Draft of the Ten-Year Economic Plan for Zorge County (1976-1985)

This document is one of the ten-year economic plans, which have been phased out since at least 1991*. This was prepared during the Cultural Revolution, which lasted until October 1976 and demonstrates language typical of this period from the outset with a quotation by chairman Mao which is introduced with the phrase “the great leader chairman Mao guides us:.” This type introduction, using a quotation from a recognized figure such as Mao, Lenin, Marx etc.,  was common throughout Mao’s lifetime. This particular quotation, as it is for a ten-year plan,  explains the necessity for an ambitious plan to rectify the nation’s backwardness in economy and scientific culture within just a few decades so that the nation may swiftly catch up with the rest of the world. This is followed by rhetoric stressing the need to arouse and mobilize the masses so as to propel the county forward  and  render it just like that of Dazhai – the party’s model for agriculture during this period.

Quotations not only by Mao, but many other quotations typical of the cultural revolution are used in introducing sections to promote the plan and stress the importance of encouraging the people, who are noted as being crucial in improving upon the status quo, and in studying Dazhai in agriculture. To do so, the study of Marxist ideology is emphasized as central to the the promotion of efficient work by the people so that the bourgeoisie may be appropriately identified and thus the socialist revolution will not be rendered revisionism.


* http://cpc.people.com.cn/GB/64184/64186/66684/4494178.html