Minzu Policy

Minzu, 民族 (mínzú) and also 少数民族 (shǎoshù mínzú), are the terms used most often to refer to the minority groups in the People’s Republic of  China, often referred to as ethnic minorities or nationalities in English.

This category deals with any document that relates to minzu policy at some level of government up to the national level.

Order Prohibiting the Celebration of the Dalai Lama’s Birthday (“Trunglha Yarsol”)

This document explains the background behind the celebration of the Dalai Lama’s birthday, Trunglha
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Document Discussing Minzu Policies During the War of Resistance Against Japan (Second Sino-Japanese War)

This document written by a member of the Sichuan Province Minzu Research Institute, who was also a p
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Technical Personnel Questionnaire (Tibetan Region/s)

A 10-page questionnaire meant for technical personnel that was filled out by an anonymous Tibetan wo
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Regulations for Foreign Students at Tibet University

A fairly standard set of regulations written in English for foreign students at Tibet University tha
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