Set of Official Documents from Zorge County, Sichuan Province

This particular set contains documents from the local party committee’s office in Zorge, including drafts of 10-year plans and rules for the office. Zorge County (also known as Zoigê, CH: 若尔盖县 Ruò’ěrgài Xiàn) is the northernmost county in the Ngaba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture (Also known as Ngawa, CH: 阿坝藏族羌族自治州 Ābà Zàngzú Qiāngzú Zìzhì Zhōu) in Sichuan Province. (also known as Szechuan and Szechwan CH: 四川省 Sìchuān Shěng) The Tibetan and Qiang peoples are typically referred to as a minzu, 民族, or  Chinese nationality, referred to as an ethnic group by the Chinese, of which there are 56 total in the People’s Republic of China including the Han, which represent the vast majority of the population. Ngaba is an example of a province in which a minzu, unusually in this case two, the Tibetan and Qiang peoples, represent the historic majority, and may still represent the present day majority in the region. The vast majority of the autonomous regions are in the western half of the country, the only exception being those of Inner Mongolia.

Chinese Communist Party Zorge County (Tibetan Sichuan) Party Committee’s Office Documents

A set of document from the Tibetan Autonomous County of Zorge, compiled by the Zorge County Committe
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Draft of The Zorge County Ten Year Plan to Learn from Dazhai in Animal Husbandry (1975-1985)

Part of the campaign to learn from Dazhai in agriculture, this ten-year plan takes purported success
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Draft of the Ten-Year Economic Plan for Zorge County (1976-1985)

This document is one of the ten-year economic plans, which have been phased out since at least 1991*
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Notice requesting localized regulations for home leave

CCP Zoigê County Party Committee Department’s notice of related rules regarding the restating
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