Actors, Directors and Studios

Notes on some of the personalities involved in making Inner Asian films, plus some of the studios they worked in.

Bayi Film Studio

The August First Film Studio, founded in 1952 to make films for the PLA, produced 2,100 films betwee
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Mongol Kino

Some fourteen years after Mongolia declared its independence, a film studio called Mongol Kino was e
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Inner Mongolia Film Studio

The Inner Mongolian Film Studio was established in Hohhot, the capital of China's Inner Mongolian Au
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Changchun Film Studio

The Changchun 长春 Film Studio, based in Jilin province in northeast China, was the first film product
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Sun Yu 孙羽

Sun Yu 孙羽 was an actor in Chinese films in the 1950s and a director in the 1970s. He made one of the
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