Inner Mongolia Film Studio

The Inner Mongolian Film Studio in Hohhot, the capital of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, was established in 1958. It initially produced two feature films celebrating socialist achievements – Morning Song over the Grassland (Caoyuan chengqu, 1959), and Diversion of the Yellow River (Huanghe fei du, directed by Guo Quanliu, 1959), the story of a community in Gansu province which works together to build reservoirs during a drought.

In 1962, the studio was renamed the Inner Mongolia Dubbed Film Studio and given as its primary task the work of dubbing Chinese-language films into Mongolian. The original name of the studio was restored in 1979 and it began to produce feature films again. From 1981 to 1989, it produced 21 films that were set in Mongolian and had Mongolian themes, such as Genghis Khan (Chengjisihan, 1980), directed by Zhan Xiangchi, Tian Zhuangzhuang’s On the Hunting Ground (Liechang zhasa, 1984), and Heroes Return to the East (Donggui yingxiong zhuan, 1993). A number of later films, including another version of Genghis Khan (Yidai tian jiao Chengjisihan, 1998), and Heavenly Grassland (Tianshang Caoyuan 2002), were directed by the Mongolian couple, Sai Fu and Mailisi.

More recently, the studio has become known for producing action films for the mass market in China, often using personnel from the Hong Kong film industry. One of the most successful of these has been Painted Skin – Resurrection (Huapi 2, 2012), made by the Mongolian director Wu’ershana.


Films produced by the Inner Mongolian Film Studio, 1959-2012

Morning Song Over The Grassland (草原晨曲, Caoyuan chengqu, 1959)

Diversion of the Yellow River (黄河飞渡, Huang he fei du, 1959)

Rainbow (彩虹, 1981)

Alima (阿丽玛, 1981)

Yi ge nv jiao lian de zi shu (一个女教练的自述, 1983)

Morning Star over the Plains (绿野晨星, 1983)

Five Photos (五张照片, 1984)

On the Hunting Ground (猎场札撒, 1984)

Bao shi jie zhi (宝石戒指, 1985)

Suspended Sentence (缓期执行, 1985)

Senji Dema (森吉德玛, 1985)

The Little House Under the Moon (月光下的小屋, 1986)

The Season for Love (恋爱季节, 1986)

The Wolf’s Trace (狼迹, 1986)

Confession of a Grave Robber (古墓惊魂, 1986)

Wake up, Mom (醒来吧,妈妈, 1986)

The Mongolian Captive (北方囚徒, 1987)

Liang xiang qing yuan (两厢情愿, 1987)

A Desert Lion (荒漠中的狮子, 1987)

The Yellow Villa (黄色别墅, 1987)

Chou jiao Boluo (丑角波洛, 1988)

Yu wang de huo yan (欲望的火焰, 1988)

Feng kuang ge nu (疯狂歌女, 1988)

Pilgrimage to Heaven (天堂之路, 1988)

Si wang zui zhong (死亡追踪, 1988)

Shu guang (曙光, 1989)

The “Magic-cat” and the “Tough-spider” (神猫与铁蜘蛛, 1989)

Behind the Murder (杀机背后, 1989)

Under Exposure (曝光, 1989)

Assassin in the Wedding (婚礼上的刺客, 1989)

Hello! Bikini (哈罗,比基尼, 1989)

Strange Sound (怪音, 1989)

Da hui mie (大毁灭, 1990)

Yu xue jiang cheng (浴血疆城, 1990)

Nu bang jia zhe (女绑架者, 1990)

Qi shi feng yun (骑士风云, 1990)

Iron Soul (铁血金魂, 1990)

Yi zhong qing shen (义重情深, 1991)

Hero without Tears (英雄无泪, 1991)

The Tragedy of a Comedian (悲喜人生, 1991)

Qing wu da lao (请勿打扰, 1992)

Hao Meng Cheng Zhen (好梦成真, 1992)

Transcend Life (飞越人生, 1992)

Nu qiu da dui (女囚大队, 1992)

Shi ji zhi zhan (世纪之战, 1992)

Judgement Delayed (延期审判, 1992)

Rovers in the West (西部狂野, 1992)

The Omen in Devil Town (鬼城凶梦, 1993)

Going East to the Native Land (东归英雄传, 1993)

The Martial Angel (神威天使, 1993)

Dirt (头发乱了, 1994)

Mai zai hu wei (马仔虎威, 1995)

The Sorrow of Brook Steppe (悲情布鲁克, 1995)

Te shu qiu fan (特殊囚犯, 1995)

Tu wei (突围, 1995)

The Dragon Rushes In China (龙闯中原, 1997)

Wait for Your Return (等你回来, 1997)

Track the Doubt (疑案追踪, 1997)

Fly over Danger (飞越危情, 1998)

A Grazier’s Song in a Whistle Stop (小城牧歌, 1998)

A New Bride for the Kang Family (康家大院的新媳妇, 2000)

Zhu la de gu shi 珠拉的故事, 2000)

Mi yu shi ki xiao shi 秘语17小时, 2001)

Cao yuan mu qin (草原母亲, 2002)

Heavenly Grassland (天上草原, 2002)

Xin tiao mo tuo (心跳墨脱, 2003)

Five Generations under the Same Roof (五世同堂, 2003)

Legend of Zhu Yeqing (竹叶青传奇, 2003)

Da Zhou mi an (大周秘案, 2004)

Sheng si niuyu ru (生死牛玉儒, 2005)

An Unexpected Ending (牛女, 2006)

Defeng (捍卫 , Han wei, 2006)

Hei ling zhi (黑灵芝, 2006)

Foster Mother (干娘, 2006)

Hong se man zhou li (红色满洲里, 2006)

Wang sha (望沙, 2006)

Liu er shang fang ji (刘二上访记, 2006)

Xin bing (新兵, 2006)

Wen rou de cao di (温柔的草地, 2006)

Hao shi hao shang liang (好事好商量, 2007)

Wen zhou shang ren (温州商人, 2007)

Cheng shi de he (城市的河, 2007)

Ai zai e er duo si (爱在鄂尔多斯, 2007)

Qing sa hu du men (情洒虎度门, 2007)

Lu er gu (鹿儿谷, 2007)

Shi xiao fu (十小福, 2007)

The Impetuous Angel (冲动是天使, 2007)

Chairman Mao Returns to Shaoshan (毛泽东回韶山, 2007)

Routine Holiday (黄金周, 2008)

The Bloodstained Seal (血染的印章, 2008)

Xi lin guo le (锡林郭勒·汶川, 2009)

Si qin hang ru (斯琴杭茹, 2009)

Lao shao ka (老哨卡, 2011)

Wu xing gong lue (五行攻略, 2012)