Mongol Kino

The film studio Mongol Kino was established in Ulaanbaatar with Soviet technical assistance in 1935. The following year the studio produced its first film, Son of Mongolia (Mongol khuu), with a Russian director assisted by a Mongolian. The second film, the short feature Norjmaa’s Road (Norjmaagiin zam, 1938), was the first to be directed solely by a Mongolian, Demberel Baidan. Tsogt Taij, the studio’s 11th film, was released in 1945.

Since the democratic revolution in 1990, a wide variety of films have been produced in Mongolia for domestic consumption. A number of co-productions were also made for the international market, including Byambasuren Daava’s The Story of the Weeping Camel (2003) and The Cave of Yellow Dog (2005).

Films Produced by Mongol Kino, 1936-60

Based on Mongol Kino by D. Tsolmon, translated by John Wells at

Son of Mongolia (Mongol khuu), 1936.
Written by B. Lapin, D. Slavin, Z. Hatsrevin
Produced / Directed by N. Kaplan, I. Trauberg

Norjmaa’s Road (Norjmaagiin zam), 1938.
Written by D. Sheffer, T. Natsagdorj
Produced / Directed by D. Sheffer, T. Natsagdorj

Pack of Wolves (Sureg chono), 1939.
Written by D. Namdag
Produced / Directed by T. Natsagdorj

The Plague (Tarvagan tahal), 1940.
Produced / Directed by Nachindorj

First Lesson (Anhdugaar hicheel), 1940.
Produced / Directed by M. Bold

Life’s Enemy (Amdralin daican), 1941.
Written by Borashiska
Produced / Directed by T. Natsagdorj

Fearless Patriot (Aimshiggui ekh oronch), 1942.
Written by A. Zorhi, I. Hyoifits
Produced / Directed by M. Luvsanjamts

Suukhbaatar (Suukhbaatar), 1942.
Written by A. Zorhi, B. Lapin, Z. Hachyorin, I. Hyoipits
Produced / Directed by A. Zarhi, I. Hyoipits, T. Natsagdorj, M. Bold

The Cavalry (Morin tsereg tankist), 1942.
Produced / Directed by M. Bold, M. Luvsanjamts

A Matter of a Year (Jil deer garcan hereg), 1942.
Written by Sh. Natsagdorj, J. Jamyan
Produced / Directed by M. Bold

Tsogt Taij (or The Glorious Descendents of Gengis Khan), Parts 1 and 2 (Tsogt taij, 2 angit), 1945.
Written by B. Rentsen [Rinchen], Yu. K. Tarich
Produced / Directed by D. Jigjid, D. Ganjuur, M. Luvsanjamts, M. Bold, Yu. K. Tarich

New Year (Shine jil), 1954.
Written by Ts. Zandraa
Directed by Ts. Zandraa

Regret (Gem ni urdaa), 1955.
Written by Ts. Zandraa
Directed by E. Oyuun

What Obstacles Are Becoming for Us? (Bidend yuu saad bolj baina), 1956.
Written by O. Urtnasan
Directed by R. Dorjpalam

Our Song (Manai ayalguu), 1956.
Written by Ts. Zandraa, E. Oyuun
Produced / Directed by E. Oyuun

Awakening (Serelt), 1957.
Written by L. Vangan, E. Oyuun
Directed by S. Genden

Three Friends (Gurvan naiz), 1958.
Written by M. Tserendorj, G. Natsagdorj, S. Dashdoorov
Directed by R. Dorjpalam

People’s Messenger (Ardyn elch), 1959.
Written by Ch. Oidov
Directed by D. Jigjid

If I Only Had a Horse (Mortoi ch boloosoi), 1959.
Written by D. Garmaa
Directed by R. Dorjpalam

Baggy Gown (Elbeg deel), 1960.
Written by J. Buntar, B. Jamsran
Directed by B. Jamsran