Regulations for Foreign Students at Tibet University

A fairly standard set of regulations written in English for foreign students at Tibet University that puts into writing what all is expected of students and what they should and should not do in various situations. Some of the language seems more sensitive and carefully chosen and worded when compared with a similar set of regulations that one would get from a non-minority or non-minority region’s university. It also has some extra regulations that promote unity, friendship and cultural sensitivity and awareness, as well as some that warn against behavior that would promote disharmony and which explain the restrictions on travel within Tibet that foreigners must abide by.

What proves particularly interesting about this particular set of regulations is the language that is tailored for the situation in which foreign students would be interacting with ethnic minorities. For example, items 3 and 4, “Foreign students must respect the ethical standards and customs of every nationality” and “Foreign students must respect the teaching staff and university personnel of every nationality” would stand out as particularly aberrant to foreign students due to the specificity of the language used as regards minorities and, thus, raises the question as to what was the need for said specificity? Upon reviewing the language of the document in full, it seems that it is most probably a case of awkward translation; however, this in turn raises the question as to why the original Chinese document specified ‘every nationality.’