Internal Documents

This section includes all manner of historical documents meant for internal circulation produced or regarding Tibet and Tibetan autonomous regions.

Registration Form for Party Members and Cadres that Took their Children to the School Run by the Dalai Lama Group to Attend School

This document is a registration form that is to be filled out by party members and cadres, as well a
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Declaration by the Tibet Sports Committee Forbidding the Climbing of Mount Kailash

The original version of this document is Tibetan, it was written in 1985, presumably, by the Tibetan
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Lhasa Hotel Industry Public Security Management Notice

A notice sent out on March 11th, 2009 by the Chengguan Public Security Division of the Lhasa City Pu
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Set of Official Documents from Zorge County, Sichuan Province

This particular set contains documents from the local party committee’s office in Zorge, inclu
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