Order Prohibiting the Celebration of the Dalai Lama’s Birthday (“Trunglha Yarsol”)

This document explains the background behind the celebration of the Dalai Lama’s birthday, Trunglha Yarsol – what it used to be like and how it is changed over the years. Specifically it notes that the throwing of tsampa, a staple of the Tibetan diet, increased as the celebration became more widespread, but it was people mixing in stones and chili powder in with the Tsampa, which they would throw at bystanders, and the association that the event began to have with reactionaries, such as the use of the flag of Tibetan independence, the distribution of leaflets, and other reactionary activities that began to cause a real problem.
The celebration is also a problem, due to the Dalai Lama’s perpetual reactionary motives that aim to break up China, which the document claims he has been engaged in since he fled abroad. Thus, since there is, as reported in the document, widespread criticism and denunciation of the Dalai Lama for his wrongdoings, it is counter-intuitive to celebrate his birthday when the nation is currently struggling against his group. Additionally, it is pointed out that certain groups with ulterior motives are utilizing the celebration of the event to undermine the nation’s authority, power and solidarity.

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