A Brief History of the Proletariat Cultural Revolution Line Struggle in the Tibetan Region (May, 1966 to March, 1969)

This document was produced by a small group of editors of line struggle history for the “Red Revolt Journal” in March, 1969, during the Cultural Revolution.

This document begins with a typical introduction from this period, which begins by citing quotations from chairman Mao and then discussing their importance in general and for the specific topic at hand. It also includes a quotation from vice-chairman Lin Biao, which is not unusual, but it is interesting in retrospect due to the campaign to “Criticize Lin (Biao), Criticize Confucius” that would begin four years after this document was published.

This brief history of line struggle in the Tibetan region spans events from May 1966 to March, 1969 during the Cultural Revolution. In the conclusion it again cites quotations from Mao, in typical fashion, and also presents the center of the line struggle as a problem of political power. The line struggle is, additionally, presented as particularly important in the case of the Tibetan region due to the reactionary line of capitalist personages that had infiltrated the party.

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